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Mallik Pathakota

A detail-oriented professional offering over 16 years of successful career distinguished by commendable performance in Data Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Project Management Well-versed with Data Science in tools, languages and technologies such as R, Python, SAS-JMP & EMainer Tableau, SPSS and Statistical Analysis as well as Machine/Deep Learning Algorithms Build Regression Models like Linear & Logistics and Time Series Models like SLR, MLR, Moving Average, Weighted MA, Multiplicative, Additive, Holt’s-Winter, ARIMA Expertise in business areas for Bot Process Automations, Bot Development Methodology & Framewor Proficient in gathering business requirements, conducting, analytics & quantitative research, performing data validation, data consolidation, data refinement, data maintenance and implementing solution Experience in interpreting and analyzing data in order to drive successful business solutions; knowledgeable in statistics, mathematics and analytics Excellent understanding of business operations and analytics tools for effective analyses of data; creative in finding solutions to problems and determining modifications for optimal use of organizational data

Currently working as Manager Data Analytics in a Multinational IT Company.

Mallik Pathakota

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