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Who We Serve

Life Sciences & Healthcare

SRAIT Solutions has been assisting life sciences and healthcare customers with digital solutions. We can quickly identify the unique needs of a healthcare business and provide a perfect solution.

  • Cross-disciplinary expertise
  • Imposing cost-to-value ratio
  • Elastic engagement models

We ramp up highly qualified teams within one or two weeks to deliver custom applications for Lifecycle and Healthcare domains  that effectively respond to the contests that healthcare companies are facing today.


SRAIT Solutions  is proud to power front runners of the insurance industry by assisting them with cost-efficient software development services. From startups to enterprises, we are part of the ongoing tech revolutions in Insurance.

It excites us to watch and drive the momentum in such a well-established industry as insurance with lots of legacy software products and tremendous potential for innovation. We can help you run a successful insurance business by deploying modern technologies that will last for years.

Banking Software Development

We help banks and credit unions with Web Applications  mobile banking solutions, customer acquisition, business processes automation, customer scoring,  and Migration solutions.


SRAIT Solutions develop applications and products  for  pulse of the automotive industry, with unmatched expertise in vehicle remarketing services, and digital and software solutions for automotive dealers. Their dedication, drive and commitment to improving the automotive industry serve as a guiding force as we continue to transform the way the world buys, sells, owns and uses cars.

Capital Market

SRAIT Solutions as a deep understanding  on Capital market and produce solutions  where buyers and sellers engage in trade of financial securities like bonds, stocks, etc.  Our products helps for buying/selling is undertaken by participants such as individuals and institutions.

Media and Entertainment ( M&E)

At SRAIT Solutions , we help broadcasting, publishing and entertainment customers stay ahead by defining new revenue models and leveraging new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, internet of things (IoT) and blockchain.

Energy & Utilities

SRAIT Solutions  understands the testing needs of the E&U landscape which is undergoing massive transformation from existing systems to better ways of consumption, production and distribution. SRAIT Solutions brings greater solutions and QA services , test acceleration and tool agnostic test frameworks. With capabilities that enrich QA initiatives across change management, compliance programs and executive monitoring, SRAIT Solutions  services strengthen the global E&U ecosystems with precision and high standards of QA.

Government services

SRAIT Solutions supports for design, build  and maintain the Government services related applications by following  safety requirements and guidelines as well as existing applications maintains .Our solutions are delighted  to track the  government offered scherms and citizens utilization trends.

Skill Development- Personal Excellence

Skills development is the process of identifying skill gaps, and  developing and honing these skills. It is important because skills determine your ability to execute the plans with success.

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